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Dream recyclers: Dreams will be different, but just as beautiful and big.

Living with heart disease changes lifetime plans because you suddenly have no choice or control as you face difficult, painful and unexpected situations. It becomes a kind of post-traumatic stress for the child and the family. All feelings are present: guilt, helplessness, pain, anger, sadness, disbelief. The lifetime dreams are put on hold, and the costs are enormous, emotionally as well as socially and financially.

Childhood, under these conditions, takes on a whole new meaning, and dreams can seem unattainable.

The Invincible Heart Foundation provides opportunities for children and their families to participate in activities that help them realize that a child with a heart condition is, like any other child, a child with dreams, abilities, victories and pride.

The Foundation, with Dr. Vobecky at the helm, seeks the best ways for children and their families to thrive and flourish without limitations, prejudice or discrimination. It is a compelling continuation of her 30-year practice that brings to life her motto: “for healing, treatment and care are as inseparable as the body and soul of any human being are.

Dr. Suzanne Vobecky

About the Foundation

The objectives of the Foundation are to encourage children to acquire the personal confidence they deserve, and to support parents and families so that they are confident to let their children grow up with peace of mind.

Our Vision

Offer help that knows no borders to children and their families, regardless of their origin, so that they can feel invincible.

Our Mission

Help young people find the courage, strength, pride and confidence within themselves so that they can fulfill themselves and take their rightful place in society, without prejudice, without limits, without discrimination.

Our values


A picture is worth a thousand words…
See what the children experience thanks to the Foundation. A beautiful example of our raison d’être!

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Our initiatives and activities

Where your donations make a difference

For the Invincible Children

  • Educational camps
  • Various educational activities, sports, fun, etc.
  • Outdoors day trips

For the Invincible Families

  • Educational seminars
  • Psychological support
  • Support between families

How to contribute?

Participate in our actions thanks to your donations

Our Invincibles need your support to develop the courage and confidence to make their dreams come true. Your donation, whether one-time or monthly, will be used to finance the activities offered to the children and their families. You will automatically receive a tax receipt by email for any donation of $20 or more.

Get involved with our team by becoming a volunteer

The Foundation is always looking for people who are sensitive to the cause and who want to get involved, fully or sporadically, according to their availability in the various activities and fundraising events.
We are proud to be able to count on these loyal allies who help make the impossible possible.

Our thanks

We would like to thank our sponsors, partners, donors and volunteers

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Contact us!

If you have any questions or requests about the Foundation or if you would like to get involved as a volunteer, please send us a message below: