Members of our Board of Governors

Dre Suzanne Vobecky, Présidente

Dr Suzanne Vobecky


Dr. Vobecky, born in Czechoslovakia, grew up in a family surrounded by love, hope, and generosity, which gave her the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. She became a physician, the first pediatric cardiac surgeon in Quebec, and author of numerous publications in various medical journals.

Always passionate and inventive, similar to an athlete, each accomplishment is a springboard for her to go further and do even better. Practicing at the Sainte-Justine Hospital as well as the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Dr. Vobecky is credited with saving the lives of many children requiring heart surgery. Empathetic and above all a good listener, she is committed to her little hearts and their families. In 2008, the idea was born of a foundation that would go beyond survival to improve the quality of life of children and their families. 

Guy St-Onge


Guy St-Onge has worked for leaders in the food industry across Canada for over 25 years. Always an active sales manager and holder of an MBA from UQAM, he is recognized for his creativity, determination, strategic planning and resilience. The sustained and profitable growth of the business has nurtured him for all these years. On a personal level, Guy has found a new passion in joining the Foundation: devoting himself to the Board of Directors and its President, Dr. Vobecky, who has operated on his daughter twice. He feels very privileged to be able to contribute and help children and families find the courage, strength and confidence to feel invincible.

Antonio Nadaira

Antonio Nadaira


Antonio Nadaira is a tax and business lawyer who focuses and dedicates his practice on domestic and international taxation with an emphasis on corporate reorganizations, sale and acquisition, and estate planning. Antonio joined BCF LLP in 2012 and became partner in 2016. Antonio has joined our team as a Director on its first board of directors. He is dedicated and attentive and brings his knowledge and expertise to share in the vision and mission of the Foundation.

Me Ghislaine Hardy


Me Ghislaine Hardy has an atypical background. She began her career caring for the sick for several years before returning to school to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in health law in the field of law. Her dual vocation as a nurse and lawyer has allowed her to cultivate her human qualities and develop skills that are now her greatest assets as a mediator in the settlement of legal impasses. More than anything else, it is her unwavering love for children and the Foundation’s mission of compassion and change that motivate her in her role on the Board of Directors.

Fanny Pagé


Fanny Pagé has over twenty years of experience working in the entertainment and live show industry, most of them spent at Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, and more recently at the National Theatre School of Canada as COO. Fanny is a leader who values collaboration and focused on achieving operational excellence with creativity, passion and integrity. She was rapidly attracted by the Foundation’s mission This is her first experience sitting on a Board of Directors and she hopes to learn more about charitable administration.

Mario Sabourin

Mario Sabourin


Working for over 20 years with small and medium-sized businesses, Mario Sabourin has carried out several mandates, including the development of management tools, the establishment of human resources departments and the implementation of systems to increase the efficiency of work teams. Mario has served on several committees in the transportation industry as a member on the boards of directors. He is proud to join the Invincible Heart Foundation. He was won over by the mission to help young people find courage, strength, pride and confidence. What a source of pride to be able to support our future generation!

Julie Berthiaume

Julie Berthiaume


Julie Berthiaume, trained as a special educator, has many years of experience in administration and in non-profit organizations. Her most beautiful role to this day remains that of being a mom… An INVINCIBLE mom.

While participating in an event in 2016, she witnessed the support, freedom, joy, and felt at home and understood that the values and mission of the Foundation were the same as her own.